Our ambition

Much has been achieved in healthcare, through hygiene, recognising and fighting diseases. It’s a doctor’s job to recognise diseases out of the various relevant symptoms which the patient suffers.

From the arrival of the patient, often by the way the patient walks, talks or looks, the hypothesis is formed. The information the doctor gathers in his mind is strongly determined by the supposed illness from which the patient suffers. A physician takes into account the medical symptoms; the visible, tangible and audible abnormalities shown, with regard to the patient's medical history and important circumstances.

With our product The Medical Card for Travel and Medical Card Foreign Languages and our Valetudo interpres Practioner Support System (ViPSS) we aim to eliminate the language barrier between you and the foreign doctor. By using colour pictograms and asking relevant questions, in your native language, most illnesses can be recognised.

The digital version ViPSS can be a useful tool for frontline healthcare to save time and manpower (and thus money) by asking the patient nonbiased questions about symptoms before he/she has a consultation with a doctor or specialist.

Our ambition is that the Medical Card, in every version, will be experienced by medical staff and patients as a valuable tool for making a diagnosis.